We know that you don't have time to engage in IT support and customer service. We make sure that you can concentrate on your core business and get fully customizable support solutions from us. We understand how important your products and your release dates are and that all components need to function perfectly.

Maintaining systems, technically supporting your employees, monitoring critical systems and staffing contact center teams – Richmoore & Anderson will help you with all those tasks. We will be the invisible extension of your company replicating everything that you stand for.

What can we do for you

  • IT Support (Internal helpdesk and monitoring – NOC)
  • Player support (Info Line, Tech Support Line, Billing)
  • Game surveillance
  • Operational efficiency – flexible staffing
  • Forum specialist
  • Community management
  • Social Media specialist

Richmoore & Anderson is there for you 24×7, offering superb multilingual support across all possible communication channels and platforms.

Level up your service with professional 24/7 support

1st level IT helpdesk


Operators take calls, open tickets, and also solve low level problems directly.

2nd level IT support


Operators solve problems and monitor proactively.

3rd level IT support


Experts offer infrastructure support on servers, databases, network, etc. and solve most complicated or advanced problems.

It is a generally accepted fact that true gamers do not sleep. Our 24/7 service minimises the interruption of their gaming activity. We ensure that your customers are having a great gaming experience and the best support available.

Stemming from the experience gained by Richmoore & Anderson whilst delivering IT services, the company was established to specialise in the production and delivery of cyber security systems and software. The services include consultation, live monitoring, training and onsite checks. The Stronghold Cyber Security Suite provides automated vulnerability testing

What does Stronghold protect you from ?

External Penetration Test

Scans the client’s Network from the outside. It addresses the ability of a remote attacker to get to the internal network.

iNTERNAL Penetration Test

Simulates what an insider attack could accomplish. They can be much more devastating than an external attack.

Ransomware Check

Ransomware is a type of virus that locks your device or encrypts your files, and then ask you to pay a ransom to get the data back.


Brute-force attack happens when an attacker tries to guess a username and password by repeatedly sending login attempts.

raIDENT provides the most secure user identity verification service by using face2face video calls. Clients can complete the process with a desktop or mobile app and a valid ID document, which takes less than 2 minutes per verification. They are afterwards matched against PEP, Terrorist and Criminal Databases using our advanced facial recognition technology. The product can be deployed in different ways to match the security needs of your company

Client identity verification with raIDENT is your key game-changer

higher Conversion rate

Online identification is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. There’s no waiting time and it can be used anywhere, any time.

cross platform

Your customers can access raIDENT on any IT device (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) – it’s easily accessible via a web browser or mobile app.

highest security standards

Our data centre meets the highest security and accessibility standards to keep everything secure.

integration capacity

With the Software Development Kit, our technology easily embeds itself into your website or mobile app and enables access from all devices.

With raIDENT you can check and verify the identity of your customers in less than 5 minutes. It’s easy to use, secure and legally binding.

Help forum and customer support
for you and your customers

We have the qualified personnel and technology capabilities to provide an online chat option for your customers. Depending on the needs of your own business, we will have a package suitable for all your requirements.

We can provide a full service to monitor your systems completely and be there 24/7 for both your customers and staff. Moreover, we can also tailor a package, specific to your business requirements

A Major Incident (MI) is a declaration of a state of emergency. Once it arises, it will have an extreme impact on business, and affects a large number of users, depriving the business of its critical services.

With years working with clients from highly sensitive businesses, our MI team is experienced in the monitoring and resolution of such incidents.

Their efficient approach enables them to calculate the impact and urgency of an MI and quickly establish an action plan in accordance with the prioritisation scheme.

Major Incident Management

Richmoore & Anderson